Getting Ready For The Apocalypse? 3 Tips For Prepping With Pets

Jacey Martin

Are you a prepper, or thinking of becoming one? Don't leave your pets out of your preparedness planning. They are members of the family, too, and will rely on you to keep them safe if everything goes haywire in the world. Whether you have dogs, cats, or exotic pets, or one pet or many, you can get them ready for the coming downfall of civilization right along with the humans in your household. Here are three essential tips for prepping with pets.

1. Desensitize Your Pets to Loud or Unusual Noises

Do your pets run and hide under the bed if there are fireworks outside or if there is a loud thunderstorm? They're going to have to get over that if they are going to survive in a wild new world. According to, desensitizing animals to loud noises like guns going off, car engines revving, flapping tarps, sirens, and other things is a good way to make sure they stay obedient and relaxed when things are falling apart around you. This will keep them safe.

Start by exposing them to these noises when you are nearby to comfort them. Then, gradually increase their exposure until they can deal with it without you right beside them, and make sure they will still obey a command from across the yard while these noises are at their loudest.

2. Stock Up on Pet Necessities That People Can Use, Too

If times get lean, you and your pets may need to share supplies. While you should definitely stockpile pet food along with your human food, stock up on cans of tuna and beef stew, too. Your pets can eat these foods, and you can, too, if necessary. If you don't need it, then your pet will have extra food stores available in times of need.

Likewise, if you have a cat or cats, stock up on pure bentonite clay cat litter. Your cat may be going in the yard if a disaster scenario comes, but you can use the litter yourself. It's good for you both to use indoors (especially for you, if the plumbing breaks), and can be used heal wounds by drawing out toxins if you mix it with water.

3. Make an Escape Bag for Your Pet

Every good prepper has an escape bag full of supplies they'll need if they have to hit the road. Your pet needs one, too! Your dog can carry its own bag, which is a plus. For cats and other animals, you'll need to carry it for them.

Some items that should go in your pet's escape bag include:

  • Water purification tablets (you can get these at a military surplus store, such as Andy and Bax, for very little money, so stock up)
  • Collapsible food and water dishes
  • A water bottle with water in it
  • A plastic bag of dry food
  • Your pet's medications
  • First aid supplies
  • A blanket for them to sleep on
  • A leash (for dogs) or a halter/leash combo (for cats)
  • Vaccination paperwork in case you have to cross international borders with your pets


It only takes a little bit of extra prep work to make sure your pet is as safe as you are if the apocalypse comes. You can do most of this work while you're prepping for you and your human relatives. Your pets give you unconditional love, loyalty, and devotion. The least you can do for them in return is to make sure they stay safe in the event of the collapse of society.