Choosing The Right Sized Lacrosse Equipment And Apparel

Jacey Martin

Lacrosse is a game that has its roots in Iroquois Indian tradition, and is a competitive contact sport that requires players to use nets on the end of sticks to launch a small rubber ball into their opponent's net. In the United States, there are lacrosse leagues for men, women and children, and there are numerous stores dedicated to appropriate clothing and equipment necessary to play the game. It's not as easy as simply purchasing these items, however, because opting for appropriately sized items will help you or your child play their best.

Lacrosse Clothing

The actual sizes of lacrosse clothing are similar to the sizes on standard children's and adult clothing, but getting proper measurements of the body will ensure that you're choosing the correct size. Measuring your bent arm from your neck to your wrist will help you choose the right size of shirt. Accurate waist measurements will help you choose the correct size of pants. For example, for a man with a waist circumference of 36 inches would need a size large while a woman with a waist size of 36 would need an extra, extra large. Children's apparel tends to go by height and weight instead of specific arm, leg or waist measurements.


Lacrosse helmets from sites like protect the head since the sport is a contact activity. Head circumference is used to determine appropriate helmet size. Child helmets are usually sized as one-size-fits-all for head circumference measurements between 20 and 24 inches, but are sized more specifically for adults. An employee at a lacrosse store will be able to measure you or your child's head to help you choose the best helmet.

Pads and Gloves

Pads and glove sizes are less specific and usually go off age and weight. A child under 80 pounds in weight, for example, would need 8-inch gloves while anyone over the age of 14 would most likely need 13-inch gloves. Weight also determines pad size with most children ages 5 and under needing extra small pads and most adults needing size large pads.

Lacrosse Sticks

Your height, ability level and position on the field each play a role in choosing the best lacrosse stick for your or your child's game. Attackers and mid-fielders usually have sticks that are about 30 inches long while defensive players usually play with sticks that are about 60 inches in length. Children would need to use shorter sticks. One of the best ways to choose the most appropriate lacrosse stick is to go to a lacrosse store and hold and swing a few different types. This will enable you or your child to choose the stick that is most comfortably handled.