Beginner's Guide To Selecting The Right Bass Bait According To Terrain

Jacey Martin

If you are just getting started with the hobby of bass fishing, you will most likely want to use some type of bait on the end of your line. Bait helps to attract fish to your area, making it easier to reel them in as a result. The terrain where you will be fishing will have an impact on the type of bait that will successfully lure bass to your line. Here are some tips to use for selecting the right bait depending on the composition of the water and land in the area.

Plastic Worms

Most fisherman will use plastic worms to try to catch large-mouth bass. These are easily stuck to your line by poking your hook through the plastic. Drape the worm around the hook so it appears to be grasping the hook as you cast your line. This will be more attractive to a fish than a floppy worm that looks as if it perished. Plastic worms are used in areas where brush and weeds are present in the water. 


Crankbait lures are made from hard plastic formed to look like a small fish. They are often painted in a shimmering color to attract attention while glistening in the sunlight. These are meant to be used in areas with no terrain at all, as they can become intertwined in weeds, possibly breaking your fishing line. Crankbaits have several varieties, including fake minnows, top water lures which stay on the surface of the water, and swimming baits which move side to side in the water.


If you are going to be fishing in a rocky area, using a spinnerbait is best. This type of lure will bounce off of rocks with ease, while pivoting on a spinning base to attract fish. This is a hardy bait that is meant to be cast so it moves around after hitting craggy terrain. The bait base resembles a safety-pin and is attached to a single hook. It has a weighted end and will be adorned with feathers or other wispy material. This bait is often used in streams where there are plenty of rocks.


Jig baits consist of a hook attached to a small plastic fish head. The head is usually round or triangular to mimic other small fish in the area. This bait is great for marshy or weeded areas. Jigs are usually cast at short distances to attract bass that scout for food near the shoreline.

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