Are You Tired Of Travel Costs For Your Child's Travel Sports? Consider A Travel Trailer

Jacey Martin

If you have kids that are playing travel sports and you find yourself spending multiple weekends in hotels, you could camp instead of paying for a room every weekend you have a tournament. If you have kids that like to camp and you know you would do a lot of camping, a camping trailer is a great investment.

With a camping trailer you can take all your own food for the weekend because you can easily have a fridge, microwave and grill in the trailer, and some have amenities like a television, shower and more. Here are a few things to consider if you're contemplating a trailer.

Do the Math

The average cost for a hotel room in North America can be around $137.00 a night or higher, and often you don't know how long you need a room because it depends on how far your team gets in the tournament. The average cost for an RV or a trailer spot is free at a Walmart and some other places, and can be as affordable as $35.00 a park in other locations. If you pay cash for the trailer or when you have it paid off and there is no payment you'll see huge savings on trips.

Rent a Trailer First

Find a local trailer retailer and first rent a trailer to see if this would be something that works for you. Rent it for a couple of nights to see if your family could comfortably sleep and function in the trailer. Renting before you buy can help you decide if you want an RV that you drive, or a pull-behind option that you haul to different locations.

Be Practical

If you don't have an SUV that can haul a large trailer you can still get a pop-up trailer that will work great for your weekends away. Some models even have air conditioning. If you aren't sure if you want to spend the money on an RV, and you don't want to pay for fuel and maintenance to run an RV, a pull-behind trailer will be a more suitable option.

You won't have to worry about booking hotels months in advance and spending a bunch of money when you have an alternative option for your trips, and instead you can find the nearest campground and pay a fraction of the cost to enjoy watching your child play a sport that they love. 

Visit your local trailer dealer, such as Camping World of Ocala, to find the right trailer for your family's needs.