What Not To Overlook When Designing An AR-15

Jacey Martin

The AR-15 is one of the most sought after weapons because of its versatile uses and power. If you are working with a gunsmith to design one of these weapons, there are a number of key factors you don't want to overlook to get the most out of your weapon.

Red Dot Optics

Red dot optics can be described as your second set of eyes, offering you a clearer view of your aim point in the fashion of an illuminated red dot. Having this feature allows you to shoot with high-levels of accuracy, faster.

When choosing a red dot optics, battery life is going to be the most important factor. There are some brands on the market that are known to have longer battery lives than others. Should you fail to research and choose a brand with poor battery quality, the battery could fail at the most inopportune time.

Handle Style

Make sure you're considering functionality before choosing a handle style. For an AR-15, the most common are carry and flat top handle styles. Red dot optics are a great feature, but aren't mandatory and whether or not you will mount this on your rifle will determine what type of handle style is necessary.

If mounting an optic, you want to choose a flat top handle style as it can be difficult, if not impossible, to attach a mount to a carry handle. Even if you aren't planning to have a mount installed now, it's a good idea to consider whether or not this will be a future upgrade before choosing a handle style.


Lastly, don't overlook the barrel style of the rifle. How you plan to use your weapon is going to be the greatest determinate. Two popular barrel styles are long and heavy and short and light. In terms of long and heavy barrels, they are best suited for owners who plan to operate their weapon with a bench rest as the weight and length of the rifle can make it difficult to maneuver without the assistance of a rest.

For traditional use, a short and light barrel style is better suited because it is easier to operate. Unless you are a professional match shooter, a short and light barrel style will likely be the better option.

When it comes to choosing the right options, make certain you are relying on the expertise of the gunsmith, such as Lock's Philadelphia Gun Exchange, you're working with to choose which options are best suited to meet your needs.