5 Amenities Offered By Hospitality Clubs During The Masters

Jacey Martin

If you love golf, you may long to attend the Masters. The Masters is an annual golf tournament that occurs in Augusta, Georgia. The course on which it is played, the Augusta National, is known for its difficulty, traditions and profound natural beauty.

If you have the opportunity to visit Augusta during the Masters, it is important to enjoy the full experience of the tournament. In addition to walking lovely greens, there is much that hospitality clubs that cater to Masters' guests in Augusta have to offer. Here are some of the amenities that you can enjoy:

Elaborate Food and Drinks

Many masters hospitality clubs in Augusta that cater to the Masters guests offer delectable food prepared by award-winning chefs. The Masters is considered a luxurious event, so often, only the best food is offered. You may have the opportunity to sample specialized Southern dishes in sophisticated atmospheres that are filled with southern charm.

Cigars may be also be offered to guests as a complimentary service. In addition, drinks are plenteous.


Some of the hospitality clubs even offer complimentary massages to help ensure that you're relaxed and comfortable throughout your stay in Augusta. In addition, as you're relaxing and unwinding, there are typically large televisions available that broadcast the play-by-play action of the Masters so that even when you are not on the greens, you are still able to enjoy the tournament.


You can also enjoy golf at some of Augusta's most prestigious other the courses. Thus, after watching the professionals at the Augusta National, you can try your hand at other beautiful courses in the area.

The Best Lodging

Some hospitality clubs connect you to the best lodging available in the Augusta area. For some people, a hotel may not be the most suitable choice for their stay during the Masters, especially if they are bringing along multiple family members or friends to enjoy the tournament. In such instances, renting a luxurious home in the area may provide better accommodations. Hospitality clubs can connect you with rental services to ensure that your accommodations, budget and amenities meet your specific needs.


Some hospitality clubs also provide access to Masters badges. Badges are needed for the practice days and tournament rounds of the event. Pricing is often based on the number of days that the badge covers. A badge for a single practice or tournament day is usually less expensive than a full-practice or full-tournament badge.

To learn more about the hospitality that is available during the Masters, contact a hospitality club.