Adult Trikes: Why You Should Go With Three Wheels

Jacey Martin

If you are considering taking up cycling again, instead of buying a new bike, you should consider buying an adult tricycle. Although you may consider three wheels as the best choice for toddlers and small children, a trike can offer advantages for adults as well, particularly those over fifty. Although a racing bicycle may look trendier, that extra wheel can make all the difference for your safety and comfort.


For many people, aging means losing some of the physical ability that you had when you were younger. Although you can and should remain healthy as you grow older, traits such as flexibility and balance can be adversely affected in your later years. When you were twenty, you could probably hop around on one foot while talking on the phone and reading a book. Although not all seniors develop balance issues, a lifetime of injuries or a combination of conditions can lead to problems in this area. Having a third wheel can help keep you active without worrying about falling off of your bike or crashing it. 


The trike is more comfortable because your weight can be distributed across a larger area, removing much of the pressure that your buttocks and back can experience when you ride a bicycle. Because trikes usually have a large carrier or basket located between the rear wheels, you can easily do your shopping by riding around town, something that can encourage you to exercise more. You can be safe and mobile at the same time. 


Adult tricycles come in a variety of models, so you can find one that suits your physical condition and your style. If you think that trikes look clumsy, you can choose one with "chopper" details, including the handlebars. If you need a little help with power, you can buy an electric tricycle that helps you up hills and through more difficult patches. Also, many trikes are foldable, meaning they will fit into a small apartment and will travel easily as well. You can choose a recumbent model to take even more pressure off of your back and neck. 

Choosing a trike is a good option for many adults, particularly as they age. If you are considering getting back on the road, try out a trike as well as a bicycle. Visit your local bike shop for expert advice on which model will work best for you. Take one for a test drive before you decide. If you like how it feels, take one home. For more info, go to sites of local bike shops.