Buy A Golf Cart … And Then Upgrade It With These Special Accessories

Jacey Martin

When you buy a golf cart, you'll have hours of fun with it as you cruise around your local course playing round after round. But, you can also have fun with it in different ways by adding some special upgrades to increase the functionality of the cart and make it a little more fun. Here are some upgrades that you can consider investing in; in many cases, you'll be able to get them from the retailer that sold you the cart.

Smartphone Docking Station

If you frequently golf with work colleagues or clients, the last thing you'll want to have happen is for your smartphone's battery to die if you need to be in touch with your office. You won't have to worry about this inconvenience if you add a smartphone docking station to your new golf cart. It can sit in the center console of the vehicle and keep your device fully charged throughout your round.


Many avid golf cart owners can't resist upgrading the rims on their carts to add a little more flash to their golf game; it may be frivolous, but it's certainly fun. If you're the type of golfer who enjoys making a big impression, a set of chrome rims will be a lot flashier than the stock rims on the cart. If you have custom rims on your car, you may wish to find a retailer that will sell you matching rims for your golf cart.

Metal Bumper

When you own your own golf cart, you want to ensure that its body panels stay as pristine as possible for a long time. While you won't be doing any rough off-roading with the cart, it can be a good idea to add a metal bumper to the cart. This will help to protect the vehicle's front end if you're traveling through a wooded area with errant branches that could scratch or even break the plastic hood of the cart.

LED Lights

If you do a lot of golfing in the evening, you may occasionally find yourself traveling back toward the clubhouse or parking lot when the sun has set and the visibility is poor. You can make this ride much easier and safer with the installation of LED lights. They'll help to illuminate the path in front of you, as well as make you visible for other golfers who may be traveling in the area, too.

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