How To Easily Fix A Small Fiberglass Boat Crack

Jacey Martin

If you have found a small crack in your fiberglass boat, it is vital that you fix the crack as soon as possible so that the crack does not spread and further compromise the integrity of your boat. If you purchase the right supplies, you'll be able to fix the small crack in your fiberglass boat yourself.


Generally, to fix a fiberglass crack, you need to have a sander or buffer as well as new fiberglass and fiberglass bonding adhesive.

Determine What Type Of Crack It Is

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of crack you are dealing with. Stress cracks and void cracks tend to be the two most common types of cracks that occur to fiberglass boats.

A void crack is not very easy to see. A void crack occurs when an area of your boat that was smooth becomes indented. It is not in a crack in the traditional sense but is rather more of an indention. These types of cracks don't tend to spread.

A stress crack is most likely the type of crack that you will find on your boat. This type of crack is not very deep nor is it really wide; stress cracks look kind of like a crack on an egg. These types of cracks develop due to stress on your boat.

Take Your Boat Out Of The Water

In order to fix the crack in your boat, you are going to need to take your boat out of the water. You are going to need the boat to be out of the water after you apply the new fiberglass to your boat. 

To take your boat out of the water, you are going to need to use a boat lift. A boat lift will help safely remove your boat from the water. If you don't have your own, see if you can rent one from your marina or hire someone to take your boat out of the water for you. 

Sand Down The Crack

Once you spot a crack, the first thing you need to do is sand the stress crack or void. You are going to want to sand the area until it is smooth. This should not take a very long time if the crack is small; if the crack is larger, it will take longer.

Put New Fiberglass Down

When the crack has been sanded down, it is time to put new fiberglass onto the cracked area. You are going to want to wear gloves and protective eyewear when dealing with the bonding material that you are going to use to apply the fiberglass.

Use your gloves to apply the adhesive bonding material to the fiberglass, then take the fiberglass and push it into the damaged area. Hold the new fiberglass in palace for a few minutes to ensure that the adhesive bonds with your boat.

Sand Again

Once the fiberglass has bonded to your boat and the adhesive has been cured, take your sander and sand it a little bit until that area on your boat is smooth again and your boat looks like new. For more information, contact a company like WaterJack Marine Construction.