2 Tips For Finding A Good Gun Repair Service

Jacey Martin

Guns occasionally break down and have to be fixed. Even when they don't actually break down, they still require regular maintenance. If you have a gun that's in need of repair or maintenance, here are some tips to help you find a good gun repair service.

Look for a Local Gun Repair Service

While a local gun repair service might charge you a little more than an online service, it's worth the additional cost to use a local service. Not only will you save on shipping costs, but you also won't have to deal with regulations and laws about mailing firearms. You can drop off and pick up your gun at your convenience, and you won't have to worry about filling out any special shipping forms or paying additional shipping fees.

Even if you have to drive across town to a gun repair service, driving a few extra minutes might be faster than finding and filling out the necessary shipping forms.

Ask for a Warranty on the Work

Just as reputable gun manufacturers provide warranties on the firearms they make, good gun repair services will stand behind the work they do.

If you go to a larger gun repair shop, they'll probably have a written warranty. Make sure it covers the labor they provide and all the parts they use. Sometimes, shops have a warranty for the labor and then rely on a manufacturer's warranty to cover the parts. This is fine, as long as the shop is able to provide you with copies of both warranties.

If you go to a smaller gunsmith who repairs guns on their own, they might not have a formal warranty. If no one's asked for one before, they may have never thought to draw one up. This shouldn't stop you from hiring an individual gunsmith to repair your firearms, but you need to do a little more research:

  • ask if they'll stand behind the work they do
  • request references who can attest to the gunsmith's credibility
  • ask around at local gun clubs if anyone has done business with the gunsmith before
  • suggest writing up a basic statement that says the gunsmith will provide a warranty for the work they perform

If all references and referrals confirm that the gunsmith is reliable and has a good reputation, they'll probably make sure you're happy with the repair work they do—and they'll likely be willing to make sure the repair is done right even if you bring the gun back at a later date.