Lesser Known Factors You Should Consider As You Look For A Cottage Rental

Jacey Martin

If you are going on vacation, you may be looking to use a cottage instead of a hotel. This allows you the ability to spread out in a home and cook, instead of being crammed in a small room. While most people know that the size of the rental, the nightly price, the deposit, and how close it is to the locations you are looking to visit are important when selecting a cottage rental, there are many other factors that are often overlooked. Here are a few of the lesser known factors you should consider as you look for a cottage rental for your next vacation.

Whether Maid Service Is Included or Available

When you are getting any type of private vacation home, you will want to find out whether maid service is included in the price, or whether it is available for an added cost. In some cases, a maid will only come and clean up the house after you leave. That means that while you are staying there, you are responsible for making the bed and washing your own sheets and towels. In other cases, a maid will come perform these services once or twice a week, depending on the terms the cottage owner or rental company lays out. This may be something you pay for, if you want it, or it may be something included in the price of the cottage rental.

If There Is a Garage or Covered Parking Space

Another factor you should consider when you are looking for a cottage to rent is whether there is a garage or covered parking space that you will have access to. A garage or covered parking space can help keep a car cool when it is hot our or shield you from the rain while you get groceries out of the car. Most cottages do not have attached garages, so finding out if there is a covered area to park may be important depending the climate you are traveling to.

How Close the Cottage Is to Other Homes

The last factor to consider when getting a cottage rental is how close the cottage is to other cottages or homes. If you want a quiet and secluded cottage, you need to find one that is away from other people. If you don't mind socializing with neighbors or if you have kids that like to play with others, you may desire a cottage close to other people. Always ask the rental agent so you know what the social situation may be like.

The vacation rental you select to vacation in can make or break your trip. Asking the right questions can help guide you to the right vacation cottage rental for your needs.