Looking More Like A Chubby Bear Than A Human This Winter? How To Fix That

Jacey Martin

The biggest problem with winter is that people cannot go outside to exercise. Well, actually, they can, but most people would prefer not to go out into the freezing cold to do much of anything. Humans are creatures of comfort, and they like to be where it is safe and warm. Hence, when it is cold out, they tend to hibernate indoors under toasty warm blankets rather than go outside for walks, a run, or jogging. You certainly cannot ride a bike over snow and ice either, so there is that. 

Unfortunately, all of the lack of winter activity leads to people looking quite paunchy around the middle by the time winter is starting to wrap up. If you think you are looking more like a hibernating chubby bear than a human, you can still do something about it, even if it is not outdoors. If you want to know how to go about getting in shape before everyone else wakes up from their winter sleep, proceed with one or more of the following. 

Winter Fitness Coach

Winter fitness coaches are people who specialize in exercise without having to worry about how cold it is outside. They know how to create a functional set of exercise options using indoor exercise equipment only, and they will do it without including any machines you do not want to use. Consult with your local gyms and fitness clubs to see if they have winter fitness coaches working for them.

Indoor Cycling

Recline bikes, spin bikes, or upright stationary bikes are all options; it does not matter what you or your fitness coach choose for you to ride. All three types of indoor bikes can provide you with adequate exercise and warm you up on chilly days. Most gyms and fitness centers have at least two of these options at all times. 

Treadmills and Ellipticals

If you would rather go for a long walk using a treadmill that has built-in strength and resistance training programs, you can choose that instead. If you want to switch things up a bit (as your winter coach will advise you to do), then you can try an elliptical, which is a machine that combines cross-country skiing with stair climbing. These machines also place you several inches off the flat ground, making you feel like you are walking on air when you really get going on these two typical pieces of gym equipment.