Your First Firearm: Get These Vital Accessories And Supplies

Jacey Martin

Whether you got a firearm as an unexpected gift or did a lot of research before you bought one, having your first firearm is an interesting experience. Of course you'll want to learn to use and care for it. To do this you're going to need some accessories too. There are dozens of flashy accessories and cool gadgets for gun owners, but consider these basic supplies and accessories first.

Ammunition from Online Suppliers

If you're planning to hunt or do target practice, ammunition is a necessity. Not only that, but you'll need to replenish your supply periodically. That's why you must be able to get your ammo affordably. Getting gun ammo online from places like Calwest Tactical is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your new firearm hobby. You can compare and select ammunition that is not only affordable but effective. You're likely to pay less than you would in a local shop, and you're unlikely to have to worry about the ammo you need not being available. 

If you're able to order ahead of time and don't need ammunition right away, you might be fine with slower shipping times for the online gum ammo you order. However, if you need it right away, ensure that you're selecting sites that deliver quickly.

Firearm Case

A durable case will help you carry your firearm around outside your home and will act as a safe storage place for the gun when inside the home. Look for cases which are created specifically for the type and caliber of the gun you have. It should also be filled with high-density foam or similar padding materials so that the firearm doesn't slide around while you're transporting the case.

Cleaning Kit

Even if you use your firearm infrequently, it should be cleaned when you use it. The better you're able to wipe and brush away gun powder, grime and other debris, the longer your piece will last. Pick a kit that can be kept in a single pouch or case so it can be taken with you wherever you travel with your firearm. 

Paper Targets

To track your abilities with your new firearm, you'll need something to practice with. Some people experiment with tin cans and other materials, but paper targets are cheap, especially if you're going to be doing a lot of practice. Look for high-resolution images so you can visualize the targets well from feet away.