• The Legality Of Solvent Traps: What You Need To Know

    18 January 2016

    There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding solvent traps and whether or not they are legal to own in the United States. The answer is yes, in most cases. Generally, as long as your plan is to use the solvent trap as an aid for cleaning your firearm, it is completely legal to own. These traps, when used correctly, can catch and contain cleaning patches, detritus, and any leftover solvent you used when cleaning your gun.

  • 3 Guidelines For Gun Safes

    5 January 2016

    Safety and proper storage go hand in hand with responsible gun ownership. Because of this, you should make sure that you invest in a high quality safe to keep in your home, which will allow you to keep your guns out of harm's way. If this is what you are in the market for, you should definitely consider a fireproof gun safe. The points in this guide will teach you more about these gun safes, so that you can shop for one with a reputable gun shop in your local area.

  • 3 Tips For Making Your Trampoline Safe For Your Children

    29 December 2015

    Getting a trampoline for your children is a wonderful investment. It will provide them with hours of fun and will motivate them to get outside and to be active. However, one of the main things that you need to strive for when you purchase a trampoline for your children is safety. There are several things that you can do to make sure that your children are as safe as possible while they are outside jumping on the trampoline and this article will discuss 3 great tips for doing this.

  • Beginner's Guide To Selecting The Right Bass Bait According To Terrain

    30 October 2015

    If you are just getting started with the hobby of bass fishing, you will most likely want to use some type of bait on the end of your line. Bait helps to attract fish to your area, making it easier to reel them in as a result. The terrain where you will be fishing will have an impact on the type of bait that will successfully lure bass to your line. Here are some tips to use for selecting the right bait depending on the composition of the water and land in the area.

  • If You Are About To Earn Your Offshore Sailing Sea Legs, Check Out These Four Tips First

    10 September 2015

    If you are about to set sail on your first overnight excursion on an offshore boat, you have likely checked and re-checked your preparation list. There are some less-apparent preparations that you may not have even considered, though. Here are four frequently forgotten tips that can make your first offshore sailing adventure much easier. Read Your Cell Phone Provider Agreement Cell phones may be mobile, but that is no guarantee that you will be able to use your phone on your boating trip.