• Protect Your Investment and Secure Your Lift: Tips for Boat Lift Canopy Care

    1 May 2015

    An old and inaccurate joke claims that the two best days in a boat owner's life are the day the boat is purchased and the day the boat is sold. The point that this is trying to illustrate is that boat care can be an expensive proposition, but that expense can be significantly restricted if you're committed to taking the proper, preemptive steps. Below, you'll find a guide to some actions you can take to protect and care for your boat lift canopy.

  • Five Ways Your Autistic Child Will Benefit from Having a Home Swimming Pool

    17 March 2015

    Thinking about pool installation? Have a child with autism? Here are five reasons you will love having a pool for your child: 1. Swimming Is a Great Workout Unfortunately, nearly a quarter of all kids with autism are obese, and over 15 percent of them are overweight. That means kids with Autism are four times more likely to be obese than their peers. Having a pool at your home gives you and your child a place to work out at home, and if your child is tired of the swing set, the treadmill or walking the dog, a swimming pool may be the perfect way to reinvigorate your child's interest in being active.

  • Paddleboarding: Not Just An Outdoor Sport

    11 February 2015

    The sport of paddleboarding has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Originating from Hawaii, this leisurely water sport involves a person standing up on what appears to be a surfboard, using paddles to propel them through the water. You may have seen people paddleboarding at your local lake or beach, but the sport has taken off so much that it's now also being offered as an indoor sport.

  • Using Polarized Sunglasses To Get An Advantage In Rock Climbing

    16 January 2015

    On the highest peaks and in the dog days of summer, the sun can be one of your biggest challenges when rock climbing. However, an easy, and surprisingly affordable way to battle the sun is with a pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses allow climbers to cut the glare of the sun, either directly or reflecting off of a sheer rock face, or even avoid snow blindness during an exhilarating winter climb.